Go is a game played on a board. Players play with either white and black stones. Players take turns placing a stone they start with on the intersections of the grid on the board. There are also other sizes boards. Some of the other popular size boards include 7x7, 9x9, and 13x13. Some people like playing with bigger boards than that. Bigger boards can include 21x21, 23x23 and 25x25 boards. After a stone is placed on the board, it cannot be moved unless it is captured. The person who makes the most territory at the end of the game, wins.

Go board

A game of Go being played.


Go was invented over 4,000 years ago in China. See History of Go for all the information.


The game is very popular in China, Korea, and Japan, where it is an important part of their culture. China, Korea, and Japan all have their own Go Associations where they teach people how to play the game of Go. Go is also played in the United States, where the American Go Association (AGA for short) helps spread the influence of the game.

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